"The most valuable breakthrough I had working with Kelly was the assurance that I could trust myself to articulate and follow my passions.I felt a lot more assured of my purpose and goals.Kelly is a really positive person with very high emotional intelligence, and I could tell that she had been well-trained because she took what I said in productive directions." - Rosie S.
"I appreciated being supported through the ups and downs of my career journey over the past few months. I was given useful strategies that I could apply immediately to the situation I was in to make me feel more in control and stay grounded. Kelly’s optimism and positivity also helped me see the bright side of even the worst scenarios, and I felt like I could face my work situation more confidently after speaking with her. I can tell that my confidence and self-esteem both increased.My coaching experience provided me with some valuable tools and viewpoints to use in the future."- Dawn E.
"Working together allowed me to hear my true voice within particular situations and experiences. It helped me realize I have a lot of the tools in order to push forward even when I thought I didn’t."- Abby
"My time with Kelly was all about me being empowered and having a voice in my own story. Empowerment was exactly what I needed and you gave that to me. Or, really, allowed me to give that to myself. The clarity that I gained in just 60 minutes never failed over and over again."-Kelsey S
"Kelly  helped rebuild my self confidence over the past few months. She helped me name the important qualities about myself that I want to share with others, then created a program to bring them to the forefront of my personality. We bought new clothes, had an awesome photoshoot, and put together a wardrobe that I could wear to a big business event at the end of our time together. We grabbed coffee and had wonderful life conversations throughout the process. I am the best version of myself now, and I thank Kelly for being a huge reason for this change."- Josh H
"During the 6 months that I've worked with Kelly, she has helped me work through some fear blocks that go way back into my childhood. She helped me become more confident around this issue through her observations, feedback and encouragement. Kelly is a very compassionate and kind soul! She is a great listener and is very adept at seeing through the surface to the core of issues. I highly recommend hiring Kelly to be your coach. "- Christine