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I'm Kelly Elizabeth  and I am pretty excited to meet you


I began my life's journey in Illinois and have gone on to live in Oklahoma, Haiti, Ecuador, Missouri, Washington DC and now Colorado! Your girl gets around;)


  I  went to a private school my whole life until I begged my mom to allow me to go to a public high school. I did not know why I wanted to go to a public school so badly other than you know boys...

(Don't judge...I was in my prime puberty days! )

However, looking back I realized I was truly  craving diversity and creativity.


I fell in love with singing even more in show choir and with with fashion because I finally had the freedom to dress myself. Going into college, I had so many desires, I was thankful for gen- ed classes ( I'm talking astronomy to journalism).  Most of all I wanted to emulate Mariah Carey's singing career, so I auditioned for the School of Music at my university and did not get in.  It was a divine intervention if you will.... So, I followed a passion that was growing more and more and pursued a  Bachelor's of Science in Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising.


I worked in the fashion industry and became saddened because I thought it was superficial.  I wanted to help people so I worked with a non profit organization  and traveled a great deal of my 20's doing missionary work. My faith had become a big part of my life in college... I am talking total swing into evangelical conservative Christianity. However, I had a faith crisis while being a missionary in Haiti, and headed to seminary after falling into a pretty deep depression and feeling extremely lost. Seminary provided a space  to delve in and pick up the pieces of my confused faith and existence. After three years of studying Theology, outgrowing my conservative Christianity cultivating my voice in all of this, and receiving a Masters of Divinity, I realized I wanted to support people outside the confines of church and organized religion.

During this time,  I worked with a life coach and it literally changed the trajectory of my life. I was able to connect to my body in a way my conservative religion would lend itself to allow. I reworked so much shame, guilt, and the way I showed up in the world.



I found true freedom to be my FULL self rather than bending, molding, and twirling to be what I thought I needed to be successful + Lovable. 

it felt really.damn.good to break free from barriers placed on me by my religion and my social conditioning. I found joy again. I began to enjoy dating and sex in a way I had not been able to before. I uncovered ( and still am) the confidence to follow the path my soul leads me down. I  cultivated a practice to live from a place of love and abundance rather than lack, fear, guilt, and shame.

I found my voice.


After receiving my Masters, I went on to complete a life coaching certification program. I then realized what I loved about  fashion.

It is fun and creative. Fashion is a form of expression that causes people to light up when they take pride in how they show up in the world. I now incorporate it in my now life coaching practice as well!


I am a Certified Life Coach with a Bachelor's in Fashion + Masters of Divinity. I  journey + lead women to connect to their confidence, worthiness, and power so they can live out their definition of success.


If you are curious about empowerment and style coaching, I would love to have a coffee with you over the glorious Interwebs.


Image by Natanja Grün
Kelly s Boulder Photoshoot-Kelly Boulder



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