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As I was getting ready to head to a coffee shop to work, I put on a combination of my favorite dress and summer jump suit to make a fun winter ensemble. And it made me feel pretty.damn.awesome. I showed up to my normal coffee shop just a little bit differently.

After studying theology and delving into organized religion and where my place was in this world, talking about fashion or how we as humans show up in this world felt so so superficial.

I wrestled with this crazy fun desire I had because, I mean people are dying of hunger, there are systems in place in the world to majorly oppress people and keep them oppressed, and dear God, do we really need another white blonde, heteronormative cis gendered woman telling us how to show up in the world or why thats important??!

The answer is NO. No we don’t. We never need anyone telling us how to show up in the world. And as privileged of a thought that this is, I feel kind of boring…..

BUT I can not change who I am or how I am wired. And I don’t want or expect anyone else to either. In fact, what makes our world beautiful is when everyone shows up EXACTLY who they are; embraces it, loves it, and rocks the hell out of it.

This is something I am really freaking passionate about.

I majored in Textiles Apparel and Merchandising in undergrad. When I worked in the industry, I became like really depressed and disheartened. I went onto seminary ( years later) where I was able to cultivate my voice in the world.

It was after doing a lot of personal growth work and falling in love with coaching that I was able to blend my love for the creativity of fashion and how it made people feel.

I saw a spark in people’s eye when they looked back at themselves in the mirror once they put on something ‘ they would have never picked out’. It was almost as though they saw themselves as worthy to show up this way for the first time.

We all have a lot of freaking goodness to offer this world and I have personally witnessed people step into their confidence by dressing in a way that makes them look the way they feel on the inside.

THIS is what was missing when I was working in the industry...the creativity, the magic of making people feel amazing. Instead I worked with a lot of people who simply wanted to keep up with the trends and blend in. 


 I say FUCK THAT! Fashion isn’t about fitting in or being more socially acceptable or on trend. Trends come and go but STYLE is timeless.

It is about finding a way to express who YOU are in a creative way.

Whether you’re mixing high end labels with thrift store finds, shopping 100% sustainably , or catching the next deal at TJMAXX (HELLO)..... What matters is how you feel when you put together that outfit that expresses that confidence bubbling on the inside.

Everyone deserves to feel amazing in their skin no matter where they are in life….not 10 lbs from now ( this is really really an illusion, I promise.), or when you get your dream job, or when you meet a partner, I mean the list could go on FOREVER!

If you are ready to embrace your own style and show up that strong powerful badass in an even more potent way, I have created Style Transformation Package and am doing a Buy One, Get One (BOGO). When you purchase a Style Transformation Package, you get an additional coaching session included to further dive into and uncover our confidence!

Whether you decide to work with me or not, I hope you know you deserve to feel really good about yourself, right here, now today.

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Image by Alyssa Strohmann

+Personal tag line- 3 words that describe how you want to show up in the world

+ Journaling Prompts

Virtual Option:

+1 hour zoom share screen with already picked out carts where we confirm the items you desire

+ 1 hour consult to try on attire once it has arrived

In person Option:

+ 2 Hour Personal Shopping Session Session

+Personal Style Guide

+ Personal Style Survey

+1 hour Style Coaching Session 



Show up in the world in a


way that feels like  the


most authentic




version of yourself by


embracing the inner


workings of what makes


you, you!

What's Included

What you'll Walk Away With

+ A beautiful wardrobe that is a curated in a way that represents you.


+Finding your process of getting dressed to feel more playful and fun

+Confidence to show up in the world exactly who you are

+ Excitement to get ready each morning because you have attire that truly expresses your creativity and who you are.

+Tools to quiet your inner critic in order to move through perfectionism and make your way forward

+ A New Look that  accentuates your personality and authentic beauty

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