My Story

Growing up, I was picked on by my older brother and his friends. My weight and blonde hair was used as the punch line for many jokes. I was often  underestimated. After awhile, I just kind of started to believe it. Combine this with watching a LOT of TV and being inundated with people whose bodies looked a great deal different than mine, I began to believe that unless I changed my body, I was was not deserving of love.


 Camille Campanelli changed everything.  One morning after walking out of freshman English class, I see Camille, full of confidence and joy, flirting with one  of the cutest, most charming guys in our class. He also happened to be a guy I had a HUGE  crush on. They were giggling and laughing and I came to find out that they were in fact dating.

Now, one would think that, as  a young impressionable freshman teen, finding out the guy I was crushing on was dating someone would bum me out. However it actually did quite the opposite.Here's why- Camille was popular, super confident, had braces, and was curvier than me. For the first time in my young life, the story that I had developed around not being worthy to feel confident and lovable unless I changed, was challenged. If Camille, who had a body similar to mine, could be confident and snag herself a cutie, I could too!

I saw the power and value of confidence and self expression.

I didn't have to magically grow 5 inches or change myself to be worthy of love and other sweet things in life- I just had to like myself and own who I was. 


THIS is where my journey of self love, confidence and self expression began. I started shopping at stores that felt more like me instead of simply trying to fit in and shopping at  the ones most of the kids at my school shopped at. I started to come alive in a new way. I felt this sense of power, exhilaration, and freedom when I dressed in a way that expressed who I was. I really began to come into myself- I joined the dance team, show choir, and theater. I  began to follow the things that excited me for the first time.

I went on to work at my favorite store and soon had the highest sales and was always stationed in the fitting rooms. I did not work on commission and preferred it that way. I was genuinely so excited to help people find clothes that made them feel good. I loved watching their  face light up when they looked at themselves in the mirror.Little did I know- this would set me on my life's path.

As the years have gone on, I've worked with women in  different capacities from life coaching to personal styling.  In doing so, I began to see  the parallels in each process and the need to combine the two. As a result, I have created a program that combines cultivating inner confidence and self trust based in self compassion, along with a soul-centered personal style that reflects your authentic self. One might call it a  makeover from the inside out;)

If you'd like to learn more and see if the program would be a great fit for you, schedule a  free call with me.  


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