Coaching Opportunities

"You've Always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself."
-L Frank Baum 

5 Month

Clarity + Self Love 1:1 Coaching

This is a 5 month container to focus on cultivating self love, clarity, connecting to purpose.

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Personal Style Evolution Package

+ A beautiful wardrobe that is a curated in a way that represents you.


+Finding your process of getting dressed to feel more playful and fun

+Confidence to show up in the world exactly who you are

+ Excitement to get ready each morning because you have attire that truly expresses your creativity and who you are.

+Tools to quiet your inner critic in order to move through perfectionism and make your way forward

+ A New Look that  accentuates your personality and authentic beauty

Play in the Midst of Chaos

Group Program

An 8-Week series of play challenges in community that will connect you to  joy and beautiful healthy life rhythms 

+8 Weekly Play Challenges sent on Sunday  to be focused on through the week that will lead you to creating beautiful rhythms in a fun way. 

+Voxer Group where we all live in community with new friends, support one another + discuss our weekly play challenges

+Weekly Voxer Check In's

+30 Minute Group Hang out where we get dressed up with our favorite dessert