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Soul-Centered  Personal Style

I help women who feel stuck in self doubt uncover self trust, self compassion, and self confidence, while creating  a soul-centered personal style that will give them the grit and gumption to go after their dreams.

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Do You

 Feel frustrated when trying to put together an outfit that makes you feel good and expresses who you are?

Do You


Find yourself tired of waiting until you've reached some arbitrary goal to feel amazing in your own skin?

Do You

 Feel held back in your career or dating life & need a way to cultivate and express more confidence?

   Imagine waking up on the morning you're planning to ask for a raise, go on that first date after quarantine, or pitch yourself to a potential client


picking  an outfit with ease from your closet that makes you feel alive, beautiful, confident and like your authentic powerful self.

Curate a personal style that makes you excited to get dressed each day.

Overhaul self doubt & tap into the magic that makes you, YOU.



  Illuminate that magic & move through the world with the gumption to be brave in your own skin.

My Story

Growing up, I was picked on by my older brother and his friends. My weight and blonde hair was used as the punch line for many jokes. I was often  underestimated. After awhile, I just kind of started to believe it. Combine this with watching a LOT of TV and being inundated with people whose bodies looked a great deal different than mine, I began to believe that unless I changed my body, I was was not deserving of love.


 Camille Campanelli changed everything.  One morning after walking out of freshman English class, I see Camille, full of confidence and joy, flirting with one  of the cutest, most charming guys in our class. He also happened to be a guy I had a HUGE  crush on. They were giggling and laughing and I came to find out that they were in fact dating.

Now, one would think that, as  a young impressionable freshman teen, finding out the guy I was crushing on was dating someone would bum me out. However it actually did quite the opposite.Here's why- Camille was popular, super confident, had braces, and was curvier than me. For the first time in my young life, the story that I had developed around not being worthy to feel confident and lovable unless I changed, was challenged. If Camille, who had a body similar to mine, could be confident and snag herself a cutie, I could too!

I saw the power and value of confidence and self expression.


I didn't have to magically grow 5 inches or change myself to be worthy of love and other sweet things in life- I just had to like myself and own who I was. 


THIS is where my journey of self love, confidence and self expression began. I started shopping at stores that felt more like me instead of simply trying to fit in and shopping at  the ones most of the kids at my school shopped at. I started to come alive in a new way. I felt this sense of power, exhilaration, and freedom when I dressed in a way that expressed who I was. I really began to come into myself- I joined the dance team, show choir, and theater. I  began to follow the things that excited me for the first time.

I went on to work at my favorite store and soon had the highest sales and was always stationed in the fitting rooms. I did not work on commission and preferred it that way. I was genuinely so excited to help people find clothes that made them feel good. I loved watching their  face light up when they looked at themselves in the mirror.Little did I know- this would set me on my life's path.

As the years have gone on, I've worked with women in  different capacities from life coaching to personal styling.  In doing so, I began to see  the parallels in each process and the need to combine the two. As a result, I have created a program that combines cultivating inner confidence and self trust based in self compassion, along with a soul-centered personal style that reflects your authentic self. One might call it a  makeover from the inside out;)

If you'd like to learn more and see if the program would be a great fit for you, schedule a  free call with me.  

Working with Kelly has been amazing. I have been working on my confidence and self-esteem my whole life and even though I have made some improvements, the area of body acceptance was a difficult block for me. My clothes and wardrobe never helped because no matter what I felt frumpy in my clothing. Now, in such a short time I have cultivated a strong self-cultivation practice and my confidence is through the roof!  I now accept and appreciate my body and I love looking in the mirror! Now, I love every piece of clothing I own, I know how to shop and put clothes together. I no longer feel frumpy, in fact, I feel vibrant, magnetic and sexy inside and out!


-Rini York, Astrologer. Healer. Guide

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I felt a lot more assured of my purpose and goals. Kelly is a really positive person with very high emotional intelligence."

- Rosie S.


Uncovering Your Soul- Centered  Personal Style

A three month program where you will move through self doubt to uncover self trust, confidence, and an authentic personal style that will give you the grit and gumption to go after your dreams.

Illumination has three levels of support and investment.

All three levels will walk away with a soul centered personal style.

Level 2 and Level 3 provide deeper levels of personalized support, teaching,  and wardrobe optimization.

Illumination Level 1

Dancing Woman

90 Minute 1:1 Intro Session

Tap into the beauty that makes you YOU – clarify what makes you unique and learn  how to express yourself confidently and be seen by others in a new light. We’ll also create your personalized action plan/blueprint to set the course for our journey together.

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Self Compassion Journal

A personalized space  to note thought patterns and ways you have been speaking to yourself on this journey. We will then work on ways to reframe them that can be worked on in this as well.

Look Book

This will become your wardrobe Inspiration + will help you integrate the essence of who you are into your personal style!


Closet Purge 101 Manual

Closet Purge 101 Guide- Out with the old and make space for  the new. (This does not mean getting rid of everything. This guide includes rituals for the endeavor)

Mobile Phone

3 Months of Personal Connection+Support Via Voxer  

3 Month Stylist + Coaching  Support ( Through Voxer- an app where you can send texts, voice, and pictures to ask questions, get feedback, and check in on your inner and outer work. 


Make the List
50 minute 1:1 Session

Together we go through your look book and  make the list of pieces needed to complete your Style Evolution after your closet purge. Based on budget and need- we make the list.  This session will be followed by a list of stores that will meet your style needs.  So you will have all the resources you need to make your personal style come alive.

Illumination Level 1 Investment



Level 2

Includes Level 1 features



Closet Purging 1:1 Support 

Don't want to go at it alone? You don't have to! During this 1:1 Closet Purging  Time, we will tackle this process together (Virtually or in person depending on location and preference)



3 Confidence Building Coaching Sessions

Based in self compassion- These powerful sessions will strengthen your relationship with yourself.

Learning to trust and like yourself are key ingredients to confidence. You'll receive  support around practicing self trust and working through thought patterns holding you back in order to really grow your inner confidence.

Illumination Level 2 Investment 



Level 3

Includes Level 1 & 2



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Mix + Match Wardrobe Enhancement

 Bring it all home by utilizing your entire wardrobe. During this process-  We combine your new clothes with your older clothes. You will  learn how to wear them all together so you 'll have the confidence to utilize your full wardrobe to express your personal style in fun, new creative ways.


Personal Shopping Session

This is a time where we grab a delicious beverage to begin and I guide us through a shopping experience where I personally show you pieces that exemplify your style, teach you ways to put them together for other looks, and offer hands on support as we find you clothing that makes you feel the most authentic, creative, and confident. 

(Available Virtually as well)

3 Confidence Building Coaching Sessions
(6 in Total)

Always based in self compassion- having these six confidence coaching sessions  will allow us to meet biweekly and really dive into ways to love on yourself, meet yourself with compassion and  cultivate your confidence. We do this by shedding light on thought patterns that have been keeping you stuck. This process makes building a wardrobe even more rich and fun. These sessions are where so much magic happens

Illumination Level 3 Investment

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