I'm Kelly

I help women who feel like they are hiding behind their clothes uncover self trust + compassion, confidence, and  an authentic personal style that expresses them fully while igniting their  gumption to show up and be seen in their lives the way their soul desires.

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My Story

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Growing up, I was picked on by my older brother and his friends. My weight and blonde hair was used as the punch line for many jokes. I was often  underestimated. After awhile, I just kind of started to believe it. Combine this with watching a LOT of TV and being inundated with people whose bodies looked a great deal different than mine, I began to believe that unless I changed my body, I was not deserving of love.


Eventually that all began to change with the help of watching others step into their confidence.

I didn't have to magically grow 5 inches or change myself to be worthy of love and other sweet things in life- I just had to like myself and own who I was. 


THIS is where my journey of self love, confidence and self expression began. I started shopping at stores that felt more like me instead of simply trying to fit in and shopping at  the ones most of the kids at my school shopped at. I started to come alive in a new way. I felt this sense of power, exhilaration, and freedom when I dressed in a way that expressed who I was. I really began to come into myself- I joined the dance team, show choir, and theater. I  began to follow the things that excited me for the first time.

As the years have gone on, I've worked with women in  different capacities from life coaching to personal styling.  In doing so, I began to see  the parallels in each process and the need to combine the two.


As a result, I have created a program that combines cultivating inner confidence and self trust based in self compassion, along with a soul-centered personal style that reflects your authentic self. 


One might call it a  makeover from the inside out;)

If you'd like to learn more and see if the program would be a great fit for you, schedule a  free call with me.


My time with Kelly was all about me being empowered and having a voice in my own story."

Kelsey Stephens,

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Image by Madelynn woods

Rosina Snow,
Climate Change Pastor

I felt a lot more assured of my purpose and goals. Kelly is a really positive person with very high emotional intelligence."

Christine Knapp,
Discovery Catalyst Coach

Kelly helped me become more confident. She is a very compassionate and kind soul, a great listener and is very adept at seeing through the surface to the core of issues. I highly recommend hiring Kelly."

Image by Madelynn woods

I can tell that my confidence and self-esteem both increased....I found a new job at a great organization where I can effectively use my skills."

Dawn E
Event  Planning Manager


Josh Hagstram
Associate Pastor

Kelly  helped me rebuild my self confidence over the past few months... I am the best version of myself now, and I thank Kelly for being a huge reason for this change."

Image by Madelynn woods

Working together allowed me to hear my true voice."

Abby M, 
Music Pastor